Automatic Loyalty Discounts for WooCommerce

I recently released another free plugin on the WordPress directory, “Loyalty Discounts for WooCommerce“. It is 100% free to download and install on your WordPress website.

Currently the plugin is still an early and relatively simple version of what it could be. If there is enough interest/installs, I will work on adding even more features.

This plugin will allow you to apply WooCommerce “loyalty” style discounts to a customers checkout, based specific rules and criteria that needs to be met by the user.

Currently there are 3 different types of discounts you can apply:

  • Discount based on users lifetime total orders total on your website.
  • Discount based on the users current total cart total.
  • Discount based on users lifetime total number of items purchased.

You can use shortcode [loyalty-discount-info] on a page to allow users to view their current progress and eligibility to the available loyalty discounts.

For more information and to download this plugin, visit the WordPress.org plugin page:


One thought on “Automatic Loyalty Discounts for WooCommerce

  1. Great plugin, but it need just 1 more feature.
    Level discount for this – Enable discount based on users lifetime total orders.
    for example:
    If customer spend 1000 – 3%
    If customer spend 2000 – 4%
    And it will be the best pluging for dinamic discounts based on amount spendings!!

    Thanks alot!

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