Blue Ladies



Website built for a Nurse Practitioner, which is aimed to raise awareness to women of the effects and causes of prostate cancer in men. They required a simple but professional website to get across their message effectively.

Visit Website: www.theblueladies.org


Bernadette Thomas

“Before going into the development of my project, I had a vision. I knew exactly how I wanted the website to look and exactly what I wanted the website to do. I reached out for a web developer, and ElliotVS accepted my challenge. ElliotVS produced a wonderful website that delivered my intent. I love my website! It was a pleasure to work with a professional web developer who took my vision seriously, and made it into a perfect reality. As a perfectionist, I can say I absolutely made the right choice by selecting ElliotVS to produce the quality I was looking for in a website. Great price, great service, and great quality! I will absolutely return to ElliotVS for future projects.”

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