Vaniti Co



Vaniti Filters is an eCommerce website, selling downloadable Lightroom Presets that transform photos. The website includes many unique features to show off their fantastic products, that are all available to purchase via the site. Take a look, you might even find them useful for your own photos!

Visit Website: www.vaniti.co


The client required a simple, minimalist and professional website to showcase their downloadable lightroom preset products. I worked with them to develop a website that reflected their brand, based on their design requirements. Since initial development, the businesses ownership has changed and further changes have been made to the site.

Rhys Mckay

“Elliot has been extremely helpful in creating and developing our website – showing initiative in using his experience to improve features on our site that I would not have thought about. He is extremely dedicated and charges very reasonable considering his skills. I highly recommend him to anyone considering hiring him!”

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